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Torn Meniscus. HandicapDocs Case Report.

Torn Meniscus. HandicapDocs Case Report.

Patient Profile:

  • Name: Sheila F.
  • Age: 39
  • Weight: 214 lbs
  • Height: 5’5’’
  • Smoker:  Neg
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Fundraiser 
  • Location: Tampa, FL.

Medical Diagnoses:  Torn Meniscus. HandicapDocs Case Report.

  • Torn Meniscus. 

Presenting Concerns:

Sheila has been seeing a physical therapist and an orthopedist for her knee pain. Her left knee has been getting progressively worse over the last two years.  She has been experiencing mobility issues due to left knee pain which prevents her from walking 200 feet without stopping to rest. She describes the pain as sharp burning on the inside of her left knee, which has also caused a limp.  The knee occasionally locks up and she sometimes hears a click when she bends down.  She asked her orthopedic doctor to prescribe her a disabled parking pass and the doctor told her that her “knee isn’t bad enough” for a handicapped parking permit.  When she told her doctor that it hurts too much to walk, her doctor told her to lose weight and she would have less pain. Sheila’s orthopedist has been no help, so she contacted HandicapDocs for assistance.  We will review the patient’s medical history of Torn Meniscus. HandicapDocs Case Report will determine the need for a Handicap Parking Permit.

Medical Background:

Sheila’s history is otherwise unremarkable with no history of heart disease, strokes, cancer, or diabetes.  Until Sheila was 34 years old, she was very active playing tennis, skiing, biking, and running.  The turning point in Sheila’s life was when she tore her medial meniscus in her left knee while skiing.   Sheila has been under the care of an orthopedic doctor who prescribed physical therapy which she has been doing for 3 months without much improvement.  


  • Left knee, sharp burning pain medially.
  • Knee pain made worse by walking.
  • Knee clicks and feels like it “locks up” sometimes.
  • Subsequent weight gain due to lack of mobility.

A review of her medical records which she provided confirms Sheila’s medical issues:

Current Prescriptions or OTC treatments:

  • Meloxicam–antiinflamatory for joint pain.
  • Physical therapy strengthening for her left leg and stability of the knee.

Rationale for Handicap Parking Permit:

Given Sheila’s medical condition, which includes the torn meniscus, it is obvious that his impacts her ability to walk 200 feet without having to rest.  Sheila works in downtown Tampa where finding a close parking spot is difficult.  This requires her to walk several hundred feet through a parking lot, which she currently is in too much pain to do.  Occasionally when she is able, she carpools with a coworker who drops her off by the door of the building, while her friend looks for parking.  Sheila states she only needs the parking permit for work.  When reports that when she goes shopping or out to eat dinner, she is able to walk short distances.

Handicap Parking Permit Application Process:

A thorough review of the patients records and a video consultation with the patient was needed to make the telemed determination for a disabled parking permit.  This was done by a doctor at HandicapDocs.  Once the consult and review of record was completed, the proper form (HSMV 83039) was filled out, signed and mailed to Sheila.  This document certifies Sheila’s need for a handicap parking pass.  Furthermore, the medical decision was supported by detailed medical documentation and a consult reviewing the patient’s history and difficulties.


Sheila was issued a handicapped parking permit by the Florida DMV.  This disability permit has significantly enhanced her quality of life, granting her easier access to her workplace, medical appointments, and other vital activities. Sheila has noticed a decrease in pain episodes. She remains committed to her physical therapy sessions and is contemplating undergoing arthroscopic knee repair in the future.


Sheila’s situation highlights the importance of our services at HandicapDocs. The approval of her handicap parking permit marks a crucial milestone in addressing her daily obstacles and improving her overall quality of life.