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Florida Online Service Providing Handicap Permits. Get a Disabled Parking Permit for Use in All 50 States.

HandicapDocs is a Florida Online Telehealth Service Providing Handicap Permits valid in all 50 States. We are physician-owned and operated. HandicapDocs was started to create a simple inexpensive online solution for people who desire a disabled handicap parking permit. We’ve simplified and streamlined the process of qualifying for this much-needed permit by eliminating the hassle, time, cost, and awkwardness of asking your doctor.

Here are the steps:
1. Click the link below our HIPAA-compliant private system.

2. You will need to give us some basic information and pay a small fee.

3. Next page we collect some medical information.

4. Once finished, one of our doctors will call you for a brief consult.

5. If approved, we mail you a signed HSMV 83039 form to bring to the DMV or a tag agency.You will leave the DMV or a Tag agency with a disabled parking permit. (If you are not approve by us or them, you will get a prompt refund.)

HandicapDocs uses a HIPAA-compliant system to keep your protected health information private. We use licensed doctors to make these determinations by reviewing your medical documentation which you provide to us through our HIPAA compliant system. Once you are approved, we will send you back your signed handicap permit application via regular USPS mail, which you will simply take to the local tag agency, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles FLHSMV, or DMV and pick up your permit. Please note that the DMV requires an original signed form from your doctor. Photocopies don’t work as they want to see the ink on the page.  They want the “wet copy.”

Don’t waste any more time thinking about it. We guarantee a fast turn around time as long as you give us the information we need to make this determination. All you have to do is click the button below to start the process. Don’t worry. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not issued a handicap permit based on our approval of your permit. Thank you.

Alan Himmel, DC. Lic. CH7150.

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