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Permanent or Temporary Disabled Parking Permit

Why are there two different types of Permits?

You may qualify for a Permanent or Temporary Disabled Parking Permit.  How would you know?

Both temporary and permanent handicap parking placards are for people who fit the criteria for a placard.  In Florida, you could qualify for either type of permit if you have a neurological, orthopedic, heart, respiratory, or visual impairment.  All you have to do is look at the form. It’s called the HSMV 83039 and it clearly describes the medical conditions you must have to qualify.

Permanent permits which are issued for 4 years, are for life-long chronic conditions that must fit into your state’s criteria for approval, whereas temporary permits are for these health issues which are expected to improve or resolve in a short period of time.

Temporary permits in Florida are issued for up to 6 months.  These permits are for injuries, surgeries, acute or chronic medical conditions that may flare up sometimes.  Some people have lifelong chronic conditions that they are RARELY affected by, and these conditions would likely qualify for a temporary permit.

If you find that one of our doctors issues you a temporary permit, don’t look at it like it’s a bad thing.  It’s a good thing!

So, Which Permit is Right for You?

What you get is dependent upon the discretion of the doctor.  Don’t be disappointed if you get a temporary permit instead of a permanent parking permit.  And, please don’t beg the doctor for a permanent disabled parking permit instead of a temporary handicapped parking permit.  If you truly require a permanent handicapped parking permit, you will need to present medical documentation which supports this requirement.

Either of the two permit types can be renewed and extended if more time is necessary.  Furthermore, HandicapDocs gives a discount for people who need to renew their handicap parking placard.  When it’s time to renew, please reach out and ask us what the latest promo code is.