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HandicapDocs vs. DrHandicap. Similarities and Differences.

Basic Comparison of the Two Companies.

HandicapDocs and DrHandicap are online telehealth services that provide online disabled parking permit exams for people with physical impairments.  HandicapDocs is doctor-owned and operated while DrHandicap hires outside doctors to approve or disapprove online applicants.  This article will discuss HandicapDocs vs. DrHandicap.  Similarities and Differences.

Overview of HandicapDocs.

The HandicapDocs site gets its name from the two doctors: Dr. Al and Dr. Bruce who have been in practice since 1996 and 1994, respectively.  HandicapDocs pricing is lower than the competition.  No registration needed. Fast, HIPAA compliant online, same day appointments and approvals, with a money-back guarantee are a few of the company’s key strategies.


HandicapDocs provides a 10 minute HIPAA secure online application, which allows for easy upload of a few medical documents.  Once the application is in, the doctors personally review everything before making a phone call to the patient within a few hours, the same day.  The company also provides a direct phone number for patients to call to speak directly with one of the doctors from 8 am through midnight, 7 days a week.  This is how the HandicapDocs system stands out.  “Our doctors personally manage the site and provide the telehealth consults.”  Applicants at HandicapDocs can always reach out to one of the doctors to ask questions.  Never is there a nurse or just a person answering the phone and taking messages. One-on-one care from start to finish is what makes HandicapDocs stand out.

HandicapDocs Key Highlights:

  • Doctor Owned and Operated, HIPAA compliant telehealth service for the physically disabled.
  • Doctor’s office number is provided for patients who have questions up until midnight.
  • Lowest pricing, especially for renewals if necessary.
  • HandicapDocs approves you the same day once some medical documentation and a brief telehealth consult is completed.  Your signed application in the mail the same day.
  • Florida patients; placard good in all 50 states.
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not approved.

Overview of Dr.Handicap:

Just like HandicapDocs, DrHandicap is an online telehealth provider for people who desire a disabled parking permit.  In this article we continue our discussion on HandicapDocs vs. DrHandicap Similarities and Differences.  DrHandicap is not physician-owned and operated. They state they provide online HIPAA compliant telehealth consults, but nowhere on the application does it indicate HIPAA security or encryption.  Registration is required for all patients. The front page of the site indicates starting at $129 but the price at checkout is $159. There is a guarantee if the DMV does not take the signed application.

Dr.Handicap requires a registration to log into the site. Once registered, DrHandicap collects your email address. The application is comprehensive and is several steps. The application asks for medical records just like HandicapDocs.  Once the application is filled out, the payment page shows $159 which is higher than HandicapDocs.  After the application is in and you pay, a doctor will contact you for a consult.  Nowhere on the site does it state how long it takes.  Nowhere on the site does it state where the doctors are located.  Nowhere on the site does it indicate you can speak to a doctor by calling in.  Dr.Handicap does a great job at marketing.

Dr.Handicap Key Highlights:

  • Company is not owned and operated by a licensed doctor.
  • HIPAA compliance is not stamped on their application.
  • Patients don’t seem to have direct access to the doctor if they have questions.
  • Pricing is higher than in the industry.
  • Access to all 50 states.
  • Money-back guarantee if the DMV doesn’t accept the paperwork.

HandicapDocs vs. DrHandicap. Similarities and Differences. Summary.

In summary, both HandicapDocs and DrHandicap accomplish the same goal, and that is to provide access to patients who are in need of a disabled parking permit, due to a physical impairment.  There are some advantages to both companies, especially since Telehealth has become very popular over the last few years. However, you may find that HandicapDocs has a quicker system which is also less expensive.  Furthermore,  you may feel more comfortable knowing that HandicapDocs is doctor-owned and operated.  If you have any questions, of course reach out to us.  When you ring our number, one of the doctors will take your call.