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Get a Handicap Parking Permit Online With HandicapDocs.

Get a Disabled Parking Permit Online with HandicapDocs.

Fortunately, services like HandicapDocs offer a solution for people to get a handicap parking permits online.  HandicapDocs is a doctor’s office which offers online and video consultations making it easier for people to obtain their permits, when they don’t have a doctor who will properly review their case and agree to sign the HSMV 83039 application form

You shouldn’t have to suffer because you don’t have a doctor to sign this form.  It is your right to have access to disabled parking and accommodations.  These accommodations which many of us take for granted, are very important for people like yourself who suffer from medical conditions, which prevent your ability to walk at least 200 feet without stopping.

Imagine a life of independence where you don’t have to make special travel arrangements every time you want to go out to dinner.  Imagine how having a disabled parking placard would improve the quality of your life.


How to Get a Disabled Parking Permit Online with HandicapDocs.

  1. Getting a handicap parking permit in Florida still allows you to travel to all 50 states with the same handicap permit. 
  2. You need a doctor approval for a handicap parking permit.
  3. Medical conditions which prevent you from walking 200 feet without stopping to rest usually qualify you.
  4. Orthopedic, neurological, respiratory, heart conditions usually qualify you.
  5. HandicapDocs will review your case by looking at your medical records and a brief consult with you by video.
  6. We must mail you the hard copy, with the “wet signature” on the page as many DMV offices will not take a copy of this form.
  7. Our service is guaranteed.  If we cannot approve you, we refund you.
  8. If the DMV does not accept your form and we cannot fix the error, we will refund you.

The main thing is, its not difficult with HandicapDocs to Get a Disabled Parking Permit Online .  In fact, getting a disabled parking permit online with HandicapDocs is quick and easy.  How fast you ask?  The average amount of time needed to fill out and send us your information, is about 5 to 10 minutes.

We offer a telemedicine consultation with a licensed healthcare provider who can assess your eligibility for a permit and provide the necessary documentation. We may ask questions about your condition and how it impacts your daily life, as well as request any additional documentation or medical records if necessary.

HandicapDocs makes it Easy to Get a Handicap Placard.

By offering an alternative solution to the traditional application process, HandicapDocs makes it easier for individuals to access the accommodations they need to navigate daily life with ease. Whether your doctor is unwilling to sign the HSMV 83039 application form, you don’t have a doctor, you have no insurance, or you simply prefer a more convenient and accessible option, HandicapDocs provides a valuable online alternative if you are seeking a disabled parking permit in Florida.