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HandicapDocs makes it Easy to Get a Handicap Parking Permit valid in all 50 States!

-Physician Owned and Operated -- Apply Below
-The Doctors will call you for a brief consult.
-HIPAA Safe and Private Online Telemed Service.

*$149 and Under. You get a Telehealth Consult and a Physician Signed Disability Application Mailed to your Door.

We're Making Mobility Easy to Achieve!

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Looking to find out about a DMV Handicap Placard and How to Get One? Our Guarantee to you is if the doctor doesn't approve you, you will receive a refund. Not everyone qualifies!

provide us with some medical records. This could be radiology reports, doctor's or surgical notes, prescriptions, or diagnoses. Do you use a cane, crutch or a brace? Apply below with the doctors and we will then conduct a brief telehealth consult.

permits are valid in all 50 states with few exceptions!

HandicapDocs is Physician Owned and Operated.
Let the Doctors here at HandicapDocs review and approve your disabled handicap parking permit application today!

Makes Getting a Disabled Parking Permit EASY!

Disabled Parking Stickers Valid in all 50 States!
(For Patients in Florida or Traveling Through Florida)

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Handicap Placard Fast With HandicapDocs


DMV Handicap Placard - How to Get One! Fast. It's as simple as clicking the link and applying. One of the doctors will call you the same day. It only takes 10 minutes to apply. You can be approved today


HIPAA means your private medical information stays private and will never be shared with anyone. In fact, all records are encrypted and stored on a HIPAA compliant server.


Most people do not want to ask their doctor for a disabled parking permit because it is awkward and embarrassing. HandicapDocs offers a way to obtain a parking permit without involving your treating doctor.

disabled parking pass guarantee


Have you ever went to a doctor and the doctor gave you a refund if you were not approved for a medication or surgery? No. You have to pay no matter what. HandicapDocs is different. If we don't approve you, we refund you.

We Honor Veterans!

Thank you for your service. In our practice, we have been helping Veterans of all branches of The US Armed forces for decades. We respect all those who have served our country and we are aware of the physical and mental impact that this truly noble job has had on many of you.

Each year, the doctors at HandicapDocs donate to various Veterans charities. We feel all veterans deserve a life of respect and dignity. We are here to help you obtain your Handicap Parking Permit. Please click below and you will be taken to the sign-up page.

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